Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Pic of the Day: Künstler in Aktion...Ganuk the Artist


"Thank goodness Ganuk loves to paint!! And just to show you how much ... we hope you enjoy this shot of him in action."

"And how do you get a polar bear to paint?
The keepers at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in northern Ontario say very carefully — and with a lot of peanut butter....

The keepers spread Ganuk’s favourite treat on walls in his holding pen and place various colours of edible, non-toxic paints near the entrance and paper on the floor. Once Ganuk has circled the pen a few times, he’s coaxed out of the pen so his artwork can be retrieved.

Ganuk’s original art is priced between $50 for an unframed piece to $130 for one that’s large and framed.Zoos have long used painting as an activity for primates and elephants, but the Cochrane facility believes it’s the only one currently painting with polar bears.

“On the day he painted with red I had to post what we were doing with him on Facebook and tell guests so people wouldn’t think he had an accident,” said Karen Cummings, manager of the polar bear habitat."

By the way, former known polar bear artists are Kavec from Tulsa Zoo, who died in May 2009, and Aurora from Rochester Seneca Zoo.

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Liebe Birgit,

wenn aus der Beschäftigungstherapie für Eisbären auch noch Kunst wird, ist das doch eine feine Sache.
Knut praktizierte die Körperbemalung ja ganz besonders gerne...

Ich freue mich für die Zoo-Eisbären über den derzeitigen Schnee. In schneearmen Winterzeiten sollte man auch einmal über den Einsatz einer Schneekanone für die Eisbärengehege nachdenken - wie in den Wintersportgebieten - was meinst Du dazu ?

Beste Grüße