Sonntag, 28. April 2013


Habe diese weisen Worte von Britta-Gudrun geschickt bekommen und ich finde das gerade sehr passend...In diesem Sinne an alle, die gerade in großen Schwierigkeiten stecken....Mich würde interessieren, wie es dann weitergeht...))

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Dampfbad für einen Bären...Bear taking a Steam Bath

The most impressive shot first...))

IGOR Shpilenok, a ranger and photographer, followed the large brown bear as it relaxed, fished and slept among some of the 90 geysers that cover the landscape in Kamarchka peninsula.

The geyser field, known as the Valley of Geysers, is home to some 700 bears and allows people to observe the animals at a close distance.

The bears, who often travel from outside the area, have had no negative encounters with humans, with some even suggesting the bears are harmless if treated with respect from a reasonable distance.

The result of this trusting relationship is Shpilenok's incredible set of photographs showing the animal in it's natural habitat leaving trails between high mountains and feeding grounds across the expansive landscape.

Source & more photos:
- In Pictures: Grizzly bear enjoys steam bath in Russia/Daily Record 02.04.2013


Montag, 1. April 2013

Dea...Begrüßung auf Japanisch

"Ich heiße Dea und wie heißt du..?"-
"My name is Dea and who are you?" 

 私の名前はDEAとあ なたが言うようになります。

Das ganze selbstverständlich auf Japanisch, denn Dea kann das mittlerweile...))-
It goes without saying that the conversation took place in Japanese as Dea has learned to master that language in the meantime..))

Photo: 13.03.2013Kimomasa Mayama-Landov