Sonntag, 29. September 2013

More pics I liked a lot today....Gender Issues

Who else...?

Milak/ Aalborg
 "Nearly 5 years I was a boy, now I am a girl! 
No, I won't comment on this now!"
Photo & Milak's story: Molly Merrow

"No, seriously, do I look like a girl..?!"
Photo & more: Roman Kočí

Kometa (oder doch Nanuk?)/Brno
"It's all about fun, isn't it?"


Some pics I liked a lot today....

My favourite...:-))
Photo & more: Kai Fagerström

Photo & more: Kai Fagerström

While I was checking out the amazing photos of animals in an abandoned house in Finland taken by Kai Fagerström, I came across some other photos which got very much under my skin.
Miyoko Ihara took these and many other photos of her grand-mother Misao and her cat Fukumaru. Please check the article and the other photos, I promise after that you will want to know the whole book...A very precious document of a very special relationship...

There is another one which is really funny...

 Photos & more: Miyoko Ihara

“Under the sun, everyday is a good day. Another good day, Fukumaru”
 - Misao -

- An Abandoned House Overtaken by Animals/Twisted Sifter 26.08.2013
- The Daily Life of a Grandmother and Her Cat/ Twisted Sifter 24.01.2013

Samstag, 21. September 2013

Heeeere's Henry!....Henry-Bär, der kleine Australier, hatte heute sein Debut!


Er heißt Henry. Kommt aus Australien. Und dieses Bild sagt alles, er ist einfach unglaublich lieblich!
He is incredibly cute, lives in Australia, and his name is Henry!

Hier mit seiner Mama Liya, die aussieht, als wüsste sie ganz genau, was sie da vor 19 Wochen für einen Herzensbrecher auf die Welt gebracht hat.-

Here with Mom Liya who looks as if she knows exactly that her heart will not the only one being on risk of being stolen when Henry, born 9 May, is around...

 Good luck, little Henry bear...
may you thrive and live long, enjoy your childhood time with your fantastic Mom Liya...!

Für den Namen Henry entschied sich der Zoo übrigens wegen Henry Hudson, der die Hudson Bay entdeckt hatte. Daher stammen Onkel Hudson und Vater Nelson, die dort im Alter von 4 Monaten ohne Mutter gefunden wurden.Im Zoo Sauvage de St.-Félicien in Quebec lebten die Zwillinge bis sie Ende 2004 nach Australien umgesiedelt wurden. Auch wenn der Zoo eigentlich erst einen Namenswettbewerb geplant hatten, fanden sie dass Henry genau der richtige Name für den kleinen Eisbär ist, er spiegelt nebem seiner Wurzeln auch seine natürliche Entdeckungslust. -

By the way, Henry has been named after Henry Hudson who discovered Hudson Bay, where Hudson (Henry's uncle) and Nelson (Henry's father) were rescued from at age 4 months when they were found there without their mother. The twins lived November 2004 at Zoo Sauvage de St. Félicien in Quebec until they were relocated by Seaworld Gold Coast in Queensland. Although the zoo had originally planned to run a naming competition, Henry as name seemed fitting to honour the cub’s heritage and inquisitive personality.

- Heeeere's Henry!/CouriersMail Photo Gallery 21.09.2013
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About Henry's twin who didn't make it
- Polar cub joy tinged with sadness/ 21.09.2013