Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Some pics I liked a lot today....

My favourite...:-))
Photo & more: Kai Fagerström

Photo & more: Kai Fagerström

While I was checking out the amazing photos of animals in an abandoned house in Finland taken by Kai Fagerström, I came across some other photos which got very much under my skin.
Miyoko Ihara took these and many other photos of her grand-mother Misao and her cat Fukumaru. Please check the article and the other photos, I promise after that you will want to know the whole book...A very precious document of a very special relationship...

There is another one which is really funny...

 Photos & more: Miyoko Ihara

“Under the sun, everyday is a good day. Another good day, Fukumaru”
 - Misao -

- An Abandoned House Overtaken by Animals/Twisted Sifter 26.08.2013
- The Daily Life of a Grandmother and Her Cat/ Twisted Sifter 24.01.2013

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Liebe Birgit,

diese Bilder sind eine richtige Seelenmassage. Leider wird es von Django nie ähnliche Bilder geben, weil er viel zu scheu ist - leider.

Nächtliche Grüße

PS. Ich konnte endlich die störende Reklame entfernen