Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Canine Moments in Brazil....

Hier einige Fotos aus Brasilien, wo durch eine Erdrutschkatastrophe bislang 869 Menschen getötet wurden. Ausgelöst wurden die Erdrutsche durch außergewöhnlich heftige Regenfälle, möglicherweise verbunden mit dem Wetterphänomen La Nina, und einer Reihe anderer Faktoren, die zusammengewirkt haben, Folgen menschlicher Eingriffe an der Umwelt und Besiedlung an gefährdeten Plätzen. Das Epizentrum hat die drei Städte Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis und Petropolis, gelegen im Norden von Rio de Janeiro.

Here some photos from Brazil. An extraordinary landslide disaster has unfolded in Brazil, killing so far 869 people. The trigger has been very heavy rainfall associated with the current La Nina conditions, although the underlying cause is likely to be a combination of people living in the wrong places and damage to the environment as a result of human activities. The epicentre has been the three towns of Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis and Petropolis, located to the north of Rio de Janeiro. (source)

13.01. 2011 Dog and boy in Jardim Itaim Neighbourhood/photo: Mauricio Lima

13.01. 2011 This lady and her dog were lucky, that dog in this video here unfortunately could not be saved.../photo:Mauricio Lima

14.01.2011 Teresopolis Little dog looking on debris/ photo: Felipe Dana

But as so often after such disasters there were also Rescue dogs searching for survivors which must have been difficult considering the condition of the soil /Photo:Reuters

20.01.2011 - A Spanish rescue team (NGOK9 de Creixell) .... under way in Nova Friburgo...

... to look for survivors in mud filled houses.../photos: Felipe Dana

And here two photos which got more than any others just straight under my skin....

15.01.2011 Teresopolis - A dog, Leao, was seen during 2 days beside one of the freshly digged graves of his dead owner Cristina Maria Cesorio Santana....

After two days somebody has taken Leao away to give him a new least that's what I have read..../ photos: Vanderlei Almeida

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