Samstag, 31. März 2012

Enchanting in March...

One year old Orang Utan baby Aurora 
with her adoptive mother Cheyenne at Houston Zoo

 First birthday of Sprout, another Orang Utan baby, 
offspring of 19 year old Mum Jazz at Dudley Zoo

Linford and Christie,
two hand-raised Burrowing Owl chicks born in February at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover have not only developed a liking for tea cups...

 They also like to snuggle up in the bookshelf and the DVD collection of their keeper...

 Photo: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Just wondering if they have chosen the book for him...?

Here you can read more about the two culture interested owlets which by the way are active during the day unlike other owls....

Prince Harry, 
the hand raised pygmy hippo at Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa
born last Thursday morning

Taking a nap after a bath

 The story of the little "prince" can be found here
if I hadn't seen the latest photos of Anori, I would give him whatever prize is possible..
cutest hippo ever, cutest baby animal ever, cutest hand-raised animal ever, cutest kisser ever..
OK, I am exaggerating, but cute he is...

Photo:Toronto Zoo

Another cutie...and he has finally got a name:
He is the surviving hand raised cub of Aurora,
born in October and the only triplet of the litter who made it.
More about Hudson and his development can be found on Ulli J's blog

To all of these little ones all the best!

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