Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Pumpkin Connection...Happy Halloween

Photo: Beatrix Koehler

It's Halloween Time ...

Photo: Beatrix Koehler Munich

Photo: Beatrix Koehler

Lots of surprises and fun for Yoghi and Giovanna...

Photo: Christina M.

But what about Berlin...?

Photo:Christina M.

Also for the polar bears in Berlin?


Hmm, I don't see any pumpkins but...

Knut seems to think that the time is appropriate for scaring Katie a little bit off...
But now let's look around...

No, idea where that came from...

Photo:John Gress/Reuters

And that is Axhi, a 700lb 14-year-old brown bear,
who eats a 300lb pumpkin at Brookfield Zoo on October 28, 2009....

Photo: Sang Tan / AP

Of all the places to put a pumpkin patch:
You can't blame Rubi for hissing, seeing as she has to wade through an algae bloom to pick her gourd at the London Zoo.

Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Meerkat Manor of Horrors:
Zombie meerkats feed on pumpkin brains at Bristol Zoo Gardens in England.

Photo: George Nikitin/AP

A chimp from San Francisco Zoo licks gelatin off a pumpkin, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009.

So just enjoy the night!

Photo credits:
- Happiest Halloween /Livejournal 31.10.2009 with even more 2009 pics by tgerpal
- Happy Halloween aus Hellabrunn/ChristinaM with photos of Beatrix Koehler 29.10.2010
Happy Halloween- Zoo Berlin/ChristinaM 31.10.2010

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