Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Pepsi Contest: Idaho Black Bear Rehab Needs Your Help...

Hallo aufgepasst!! Wir kommen aus Idaho und brauchen dringend eure Unterstützung....!!! -

Hello folks, we come from Idaho and we urgently need your support...!!!!

Es geht um 50 000 Dollar für die Erweiterung unseres Gehege und ein Informationszentrum...

It's about $ 50,000 for the extension of our enclosure and an education building...
So dass auch andere Schwarzbärjungtiere, die ohne Mutter oder verletzt gefunden werden, gerettet werden können...

So that other young orphaned or injured black bear cubs can be saved...
Es ist ganz einfach, ihr müsst nur hier für uns stimmen, jeden Tag im November, dann haben wir vielleicht eine Chance die 50 000 Dollar von Pepsi zu bekommen!!! Nur der erste Platz gewinnt! Im Moment stehen wir erst an 106. Stelle, also nichts wie los!

You just have to vote for us in the Pepsi Giveaway Contest, better vote every single day in November for us, than we might have a chance to win the grant of $ 50,000. Only the project which makes it to No. 1 will win...! At the moment we are on rank 106, so still some work to do...!

About the Pepsi Contest

"Great News! IBBR was accepted into the $50,000 bracket for the Pepsi Giveaway under the Planet category. PLEASE help us win this grant. We need this so much for the bears and your vote can make it happen. You can vote every day during November!Tell everybody!!!Anyone at least 13 years old can vote. Everyone, please vote each day! The bears desperately need your help."

About Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.

"IBBR was started in 1989 with the arrival of the first orphaned bear cub. The field of black bear rehabilitation for release back to the wild was previously thought to be impossible. The only options for orphaned cubs were permanent captivity resulting in loss of their freedom or death. With a proven success rate, IBBR accepts cubs into the program each year from Idaho and surrounding western states for release back to the wild.

It is crucial to construct another enclosure to save more cubs from death or permanent captivity. It will be built with funds from the generous grant supplied by Pepsi and from volunteer labor.

Included will be an education center for groups, schools, wildlife rehabilitators, and other state wildlife agencies showing we can rehab and successfully release cubs. The center will help people understand the intrinsic value of wildlife and through this, the value of an intact ecosystem. "

Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc. is a not-for - profit 501 (c)(3) organization licensed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and dedicated to saving bear cubs utilizing proven scientific methods of rehabilitation and release.

IBBR does not receive funding from Fish & Game or any government agency. Some annual funds and support come for example from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), but as more bears were brought into the rehab program during the last years the financial demands increased. During 2004 forty-two (42) bears could be saved. In 2007 IBBR saved fifty-three bears, thirty-two of those bears remained with IBBR until their release one year later.

Founder, Sally Maughan works a full time job to ensure no orphaned cubs are turned away.

Beside voting for IBBR in the Pepsi Contest you can help by monetary contributions which are desperately needed and greatly appreciated in helping IBBR to save orphaned cubs each year.

- To the Pepsi Contest...
here /Zur Abstimmung bitte hier entlang....
- More infos about how to vote and the contest also here on the IBBR Website
- IBBR - Idaho Black Bear Rehab
on facebook (lots of photos and infos about their work)
- On the Pepsi competition site you can watch also a little video, more videos about the IBBR bears here


Dostoy hat gesagt…

It's so great that you added this information. I've been voting for them every day. I didn't know about this organization until you began doing posts about it. Now I'm very, very interested in the work they do.

Simba hat gesagt…

Yes, Dostoy, they are doing a very good work. They have never had big budgets and it is quite impressive r what they have already been able to accomplish with the small budgets they had during all the years. i hope they can make it!

Thanks for helping!