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Kind of cake...Meet the pedalo bears Nellie and Loki!

Animal Keeper Nicola McCleery covers a pedalo in jam and grapes 

And the fun begins...

Being shown the ropes (or pedals)

Loki enjoys a light snack aboard his very own boat 

Nellie struggles to get aboard 

""Smarter than the average bear these two can bear-ly believe their luck.
European brown bear Nellie and her seven-month-old cub Loki found an exciting edition left in their enclosure at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling.

They were given a pedalo smeared with their favourite jam and grapes to keep them entertained.

But once the food was polished off pair made the most of their new toy, splashing around on-board, in an apparent attempt to learn to sail.

The bears were given the pedalo to help stimulate them and keep them active at their home in

Keeper Nicola McCleery daubed jam on the vessel and hid grapes inside

We are always thinking up different types of enrichment we can give them. It makes feeding a bit more of a challenge and gives them mental stimulation and physical stimulation.

The bears' keepers have previously put food in a shaker, chopped it into tiny pieces to make it harder to find, and given them piles of wood shavings scented with essential oils.

But their favourite treat is elephant dung.

Ms McCleery said: "They love it for some reason. They roll around in it and absolutely stink for the rest of the day."

Nellie came to the park nearly two years ago and gave birth to Loki in January, named after the Norse god of mischief because he displayed naughty characteristics.

"It was quite suited to him, he is always in some kind of trouble," Ms McCleery said."
All photos by Andrew Milligan/PA Wire  

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