Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Talk of the town...Mercedes and the snow....

Nun mal etwas anderes zwischendurch...

Da haben die Fans von Mercedes nicht schlecht gestaunt, anstatt im Schnee herumzutollen, wie es sich für eine tolle Eisbärin gehört, sucht sich Mercedes eher ein unbeschneites, warmes Plätzchen, um den Schnee ganz einfach auszusitzen...))
FANS of Edinburgh Zoo's former favourite, Mercedes the polar bear, will be intrigued to find out how she reacted to the first snowfall at her new home in the Highland Wildlife Park at Kingussie.

The zoo reveals: "Her reaction was not as exciting as we may have hoped! Rather than playing in the fresh snow, as we would expect the penguins to do, Mercedes decided to find the warmest and least snowy spot in her enclosure, and to sit out the cold snap right there!"

Obviously her years in Scotland's tropics have turned Mercedes into a southern softie.

Source: Evening News/08.12.09
Photo credits: Royal Zoological Society of Edinburgh (RZSS)

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