Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Not neccessarily for Mother's Day...but why not?

I admit, most of these pics I found a while ago... I could have found them also yesterday or tomorrow, some of them are not even recent but I decided to post them anyway as I believe strongly that you will like them...(I missed to post them on Earth Day, now I think Mother's Day will do just fine ...)Dachshound Bessi guards a 5 day old tiger cub, abandoned by his mother, in northern Germany Zoo Stroehen (Fabian Blmmeln)
"A three-month old bear cub plays during a media session outside its cage at the zoo in Russia's southern city of Stavropol, April 21, 2010. The cub of six-year-old father Baloo and sixteen-year-old mother Margo does not have a name yet." (REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko

"Melbourne zoo's new Asian elephant, which has been named Baby for the time being, receives a nudge from her mother after meeting the public for the first time, Feb. 10, 2010. Baby is the second elephant born in Australia, and the first one born through artificial insemination. After a 22-month pregnancy, she arrived Jan. 16, 2010. Three weeks later, Baby now weighs 300 pounds." (WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

"Buba, a baby bear born in January 2010, plays with her mother Ursina at the Juraparc of Mont-d'Orzieres near Vallorbe, Switzerland, Monday, April 5, 2010. "
It was taken by Dominic Favre, he took also this one last year...
A bar headed goose with chick in a Swiss Zoo near Lausanne...
"A baby antelope is fed milk at the Chester Zoo in northern England, Jan. 22, 2010. It is a Kirk's Dik-dik antelope, a rare type that is one of the world's smallest. The baby is being hand-reared at the zoo after its mother rejected it during recent cold weather there." (Phil Noble/Reuters)
"After welcoming its newest gorilla, the Toronto Zoo this week had the newborn's father choose the name. The zoo selected five potential names through a contest open to the public, and then set up piles of fruit at stations marked with the different name choices. The baby's name was determined by the fruit pile from which the father ate first. The winning name was Nassir, a Middle Eastern name that means protector. In this picture, Nassir is held by his mother Ngozi."(The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette/AP Photo)

And here, although no mother in sight..., a little fox on the run who somehow got into the lion enclosure of Zoo Wuppertal last year, but don't worry, either already smart or just faster, it got away before harm could be done...(Martin Meissner)

Last but not least, although not a kitten anymore, this cat managed to steal some fish...As mother of such a courageous cat, I would file this act proudly under "Mission accomplished..."!(P.Raveedran/AFP)

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The Frame- Animals in Captivity (not recent but awesome pics from last year in big format


Anonym hat gesagt…

Mensch, liebe Birgit, Du fleißige Dame von der Insel, jetzt wird es aber Zeit, dass Du hier mal wieder einen Gruß und ein DANKESCHÖN erhältst! Die von Dir gefundenen und ausgewählten Fotos sind ganz entzückend.

Ich hoffe, dass Deine Lebensgeister wieder etwas zurückgekommen sind nach dem kürzlichen Daten-GAU. Das ist einfach jedermanns Nightmare! Wie viele Ideen und ARBEITSstunden (ja, manchmal artet das Recherchieren und Verschicken von Infos ja wirklich in Arbeit aus!) sind damit den Bach runter.

Wie geht es Miss Molly und Leika?
Ich drücke immer weiter die Daumen für die kleine, tapfere Maus!

Ich hoffe, Du selbst und Dein Dirk sind wenigstens gesund und fit, damit Ihr alle Herausforderungen auf lange Sicht unbeschadet überstehen könnt!


Liebe Grüße aus dem gar nicht frühlingshaften, sondern schon den ganzen "Wonnemonat" Mai über grauen und kalten Berlin.



BrigitteE hat gesagt…

Hallo Simba,

auch wenn ich noch nie kommentiert habe, ich vermisse Dich sehr