Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Außenposten Regenbogen.....News from behind the Rainbow Bridge

While still being over the moon due to the news about Hope and Lily, there are also news coming from our other Outpost, the one behind the Rainbow Bridge...Sad news though, especially for those being left behind, but what do we know...maybe they are all watching us, clapping their paws....or maybe it was just the trick of a genius ( I don't say names now), that for a certain moment no places on the bridge were available so that Hope could be rescued...However, Max and Minette, two more cats of the original "Wilde 13 ", owners of our good friend Barbara, won't be watching Knut on the PC like they did before, Max left this place already on May 4, too ill to continue occupying Barbara's place at the PC...which is said to have had a significant impact on his way experiencing quality of life during his last 3 years...

As to beauty Minette, she left this world just a few days ago on May 24, after a dental operation she did not wake up anymore...

Barbara must be a happy woman having had the company of such beautiful and interesting creatures who shared her life.

Max and Minette - we wish you farewell on your last voyage ....! You will be in good company, watch out for that special bearded guy surrounded by bears and wolves and...Say hello to our old friends Simba and Herr Nicholson...! More friends are going to join you all, but to that we will come later...!

Photo credits: Barbara

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