Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Breaking News: Hope has been found....!!!!

I just connected to facebook and found the thrilling good news, Hope was found some hours ago on her way back to Lily, now I am trying to find out more, the Lily and Hope websites are not yet updated so it will take some time to get more details....-

Gerade aufgestanden, bei facebook hereingeschaut und die Nachricht gelesen, dass Hope offensichtlich vor ein paar Stunden auf dem Weg zurück zu Lily gefunden wurde, da die Webseiten zu Lily und Hope noch nicht upgedated sind, wird es wohl noch etwas dauern bis wir alle mehr wissen...Ich bleib am Ball!

Himmel, was für ein Morgen!

Und nun wenigstens schon einen Artikel dazu....

Missing bear cub found alive, but future uncertain

Wed, 05/26/2010 - 7:24pm
Duluth News Tribune

EAGLES NEST TOWNSHIP — Sue Mansfield started crying as soon as she saw the cub’s face.

Even with the cub 30 feet up a cedar tree, Ely bear researcher Mansfield knew it was hope because of its light face.

After being missing since Friday evening, with researchers holding out little hope the cub was still alive, friends of Ely bear researcher Lynn Rogers called about 6 p.m. Wednesday to say they had a lone bear cub treed.

Mansfield and Rogers rushed to the site, which was nearly two miles from where the cub was last seen but was in an area that the cub and its mother Lily had frequented.

“This is where it spent much of its time, but it’s amazing it made it this far away in less than a day,” Rogers said.

Mansfield said the cub covered the two miles around the lake and likely had to swim a stream on its own to find the area where it had spent time with its mother.

Researchers now are deciding how to get the bear out of the tree and will likely wait for the cub, which appears weak, to come down on its own. Rogers said a major question remains on whether Lily will accept Hope back. Because they’ve been apart for five days, Lily’s hormones may have turned to the new mating season and away from taking care of her cub.

Because Lily is fitted with a GPS collar that gives her location every ten minutes, Rogers and Mansfield hope to find her yet tonight and reintroduce Hope to Lily to see the sow's reaction. If Lily accepts Hope, the story will end with their reunion. If not, Rogers will have to decide what to do with the cub with input from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The cub could be raised by a wildlife rehabilitator and returned to the wild or could wind up as a captive bear at The North American Bear Center.

Article source:fox21

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