Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Qannik after arrival in Louisville....

Hier ein paar Fotos von Polar Bear International, die auch an Operation Snowflake beteiligt waren.
Mitarbeiter des Louisville Zoos und JoAnne Simerson vom San Diego Zoo für PBI mussten früh aufstehen, ab 3Uhr morgens warteten sie auf Qanniks Flieger...-

Here some pics posted by PBI who were also involved in Operation Snowflake.
Steve Wing (Louisville Zoo) and JoAnne Simerson (San Diego Zoo/PBI) arrived at the airport at 3 a.m. to wait for Qannik's plane

Und hier ist sie schon...-
And here she is...

Wachsam und neugierig...
Alert and curious, Qannik peeks out at her new surroundings

Eine erste Trainingseinheit um Qanniks Temperament auszuloten...
JoAnne Simerson engages in a basic training session with Qannik to gauge her temperament

Wohlverdientes Schläfchen nach langer Reise...
Qannik takes a well-deserved rest after her long journey

Photo credits:
Andrew Fore Photography

More photos of Qannik's arrival posted by Polar Bear International on facebook....
And here a video posted by Louisville Zoo after Qannik's arrival, another remarkable video about 'Operation Snowflake' has also been posted by UPS, "Logistics with Teeth".

Please read more about Qannik's first exciting days, -and how she learned to swim-, in Louisville with JoAnne Simerson here:
- Little polar bear orphan/ 01.07.2011
- Little polar bear lessons/ 11.07.2011

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