Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

Sand messages....Sandsation 2008 in Berlin

While the Euro 2008 is still in fullest swing and far from being decided, the Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik and his student Jitendra Kishore Jagadev made it already ...They became world champions in the Berlin "Sandsation", a competition in sand carving. The winning sculpture with the title 'Global Warming' shows Knut sitting on a globe threatened by increasing CO2 emissions.For Sudarsan Pattnaik it is not the first international title, he has already made himself a name by various sculptures, very often in the context of environmental and animal rights issues.

Following photo shows Pattnaik adding some final touches to a sculptue of a polar bear being crushed by a shoe symbolizing the human made carbon footprint threatening the survival of polar bears.Thanks to the Sandsation championship, I was finally able to retrace that photo I came across in a Mauritian journal nearly 3 weeks ago taken on the Puri beach in the eastern state of Orissa on June 3,2008, an event ahead of the World Environment Day,and organized by PETA.

Photo 1:Klaes/Sandsation
Photo 2:REUTERS/Sanjib Mukherjee (INDIA)

Und hier ein längerer Artikel auf Deutsch zu Sudarsan Pattnaik.

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briginette hat gesagt…

Quand j'ai vu les photos, le premier moment je trouvais ça bizarre que meme des gens de l'Inde connaissent Knut et ce qu'ils sont intéressés aux ours polaires.

Als ich die Fotos gesehen habe, der erste Moment finde ich es überraschend,dass Leute in Indien kennen Knut und dass sie sich für Eisbären interessieren.

Die Skulpturen sind hübsch