Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Piraten in Denver....Pirates in Denver....

Eine lustige Fundsache, als ich etwas über Kavecs Leben herauszufinden versuchte...
Nicht Kavec, aber seine Frau Voda aus Denver-Tagen, hier mit Frosty, dem Eisbären aus Tulsa mit dem er 2006 zwecks Zuchtprogramms ausgetauscht wurde.-

Found while looking for more details of Kavec's life:
Not Kavec but his former Denver wife Voda, together with Frosty from Tulsa with whom he had to swap the zoo for breeding reasons.

The Denver Zoo introduced their polar bears last May to the shipwreck added to their habitat as heavy flakes swirled around the snow-loving pair Frosty and Voda.The curious bears were all over the new addition to their home, the zoo said in a news release, looking for hidden food, climbing on it and playing with the attached balls and ropes.

"The shipwreck is a great way to stimulate natural behaviors in the bears," said Emily Insalaco, the Denver Zoo's manager of behavior programs. "We have seen more of some behaviors, such as foraging for food, digging and manipulating objects, but we have also seen more variety of behaviors, including vocalizing and a bouncing behavior that we usually only see them do on ice or with favorite toys."

One of the behaviors zookeepers were hoping to see is an ice-breaking behavior: In the wild, polar bears must push up and down with their front paws to break through ice and get to the food underneath. The zoo bears have shown this behavior several times on the shipwreck.

The male, Frosty, and female, Voda, have been joined on the shipwreck by Olaf *, a male, and Soosha, a female.

The zoo said the $23,000 ship was assembled over days in the polar-bear habitat. It is made of steel and all-natural woods and finishes.

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*That must have been shortly before Olaf died last year

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