Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Lala goes shopping...

This is Lala, a Japanese penguin at age 14 then, rescued by a Japanese fisherman years ago. Now living in an air-conditioned room she likes to run errands....walking to the fish store every day, carrying her penguin backpack. The cutest part is when the old lady at the fish store says: "See you again tomorrow, Lala-chan!" and the penguin nods furiously. When she gets home to her rescuer fisherman's home, the bird just walks into her little refrigerated room for some down time.

"Lala’s owners often took their pet penguin on the quarter-mile walk to the local fish market. When Lala began disappearing occassionally, her owners discovered that Lala was going to the market on her own.

The owner of the fish shop keeps track of Lala’s purchases and sends a bill to her owners. She says that Lala eats only the freshest fish. Mackerel and sardines are her favorites."

By the way in Japaenese Lala is pronounced Rara...(found here)

Video credits: here


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Dear Birgit, I can only but repeat Dostoy's word: AMAZING. But how funny.