Montag, 15. September 2008

Galveston & Taiwan...We blow kisses ....

This was Ike taken by NASA on September 10 heading towards Texas....

Tish wrote in Knut's headquarter...

"On another note, hurricane Ike has visited his devastation on our southern-most neighbors, one of whom resides in the thick of things, Eva Gregory, whom I sincerely hope is all right along with other people from the region. For those who have not been linked to the matter, here are some pictures/article from the NY Times. ...

People make their way through flooded streets in Galveston. Longtime residents of Galveston, a city of 57,000, said the destruction was the worst they had ever seen, and the city manager estimated that there was perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

To all our friends in Taiwan, Reiri, Chiunger & Pierre, and others, I understand you also have been dodging some serious rain drops. Hope all is well in your region!!"-

Wir schließen uns im Aussenposten Tishs Wünschen an und hoffen, dass es Eva, Herrn Wolfgang vn Rottweiler und Mama Jabber gut geht, aber auch all den Freunden in Taiwan, die mit Typhoon Sinlaku zu kämpfen hatten...-

We too wish Eva and her dogs all the best and lots of power to sort things out after the evacuation, the same goes for everyone else of our friends struck by typhoon Sinlaku during the last days!

Photo/Galveston: Larry W. Smith/European Pressphoto Agency

Photo/Taiwan: Xinhua News Agency

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Simba hat gesagt…

Dear Eva, Woofie alias Herr Wolfgang von Rottweiler and Mamma Jabber!

We take the liberty and post here a colection of posted wishes in the headquarter in order to make it easier for you to find them all when you will eventually have the opportunity to get on the Internet.

Today Retta has dated us up about your current situation after the hurricane and that it will take at least another month until you can go back to sort out what is left.

We wish you all the energy and strength to do that however it will turn out. You have friends all over the world! We wish you all the best, you are in our thoughts!
Bear hugs to all f you!

Simba and Mami Simba


And here we go:PartI

julie meinte am 11.09.2008 17:40

@ all
Pray for Eva Gregory she lives in Galveston Texas and hurricane Ike is headed straight towards her hopefully she'll stay safe

Doro II meinte am 11.09.2008 19:08

@ Eva Gregory, Woofie and Mama Jabber:
Do take care and stay safe! Since I don't watch TV these days I didn't know that Ike was headed into Galveston (thanks Julie for telling us). You're very much in my thoughts. Consider yourselves hugged.

Linda meinte am 12.09.2008 00:30
@Eva G.
Oh, I do hope you are safely evacuated . . . Looks like Hurricane Ike is heading Galveston's way. Stay safe! BH

Eva Gregory meinte am 12.09.2008 03:47

@LINDA: Thank you for you concern. Yes, IKE is coming to Galveston sometime early tomorrow evening. We are staying even though they have called for a mandatory evacuation. (they cannot make us leave if we choose not to) We have plenty of supplies, canned food, water and yes, a manual can opener, too. They are predicting the winds of 100 to 130 MPH but I feel we are safe here. Getting into the horrible "gridlock" is more than I can bear. The traffic going thru Houston is a nightmare. So, we will be right here on Galveston Island. I will keep you and everyone posted up until the electricity goes off. And it will, it always does. They are saying it may be up to two weeks before it's turned back on. That will be a NIGHTMARE!!! Hot, sticky and mosquitoes! But I did remember to get a can of OFF, too. So, I'll be back later. I am cooking up lots of food to put in my ice chest so it does not spoil when the power goes off. Since I have an electric stove, I will not be able to cook after that either. I HATE electric stoves!!! I have always had a natural gas stove and could at least cook. Until later, I better go check the food cooking. Take care everyone and stay cool! I WILL RETURN!!!

Velvet meinte am 12.09.2008 07:24

@Eva Gregory
Halt die Ohren steif!
(that is german for keep a stiff upper lip, but we do say "keep your ears stiff")

Ulli J. meinte am 12.09.2008 08:04

@Eva Gregory
I hope Ike won't be as strong as forecasted and the electricity will turn back soon. I keep my fingers crossed that everything turn out well.

Dumba meinte am 12.09.2008 17:24

@ Eva Gregory
I hope you are still and keep being safe. Our thoughts are with you what doesn’t really help but hopefully gives you the better feeling, you are not all alone virtually. As everybody else in our Knuti-world, I cross my fingers for you.

Doro II meinte am 12.09.2008 18:09
@ Eva Gregory:
Still thinking of you and crossing my fingers!

Linda meinte am 12.09.2008 18:30
@Eva G.

Oh, Eva, I pray for your safety. I have heard reports of 20 foot walls of water anticipated for Galveston Island. May Jabber and Wolfgang stay safe too! I'll be watching the reports . . . BHs.

knuti-judi meinte am 13.09.2008 16:48

To Alle--Eva G. posted on Mervi's yesterday that she evacuated Galvaston, Texas--this was just in the nick of time, I tell you! Reports on the hurricane are extensive damage to Galvaston Island on the Gulf of Mexico. I am grateful and relieved that Eva decided to leave after all....

Doro II meinte am 13.09.2008 21:10

@ Eva Gregory & Kepi and all people in the Galveston area:
Take care! You're in my thoughts all the time.
Part II

Tish meinte am 15.09.2008 00:03
On another note, hurricane Ike has visited his devastation on our southern-most neighbors, one of whom resides in the thick of things, Eva Gregory, whom I sincerely hope is all right along with other people from the region. For those who have not been linked to the matter, here are some pictures/article from the NY Times. And sorry if this repete', I have not had opportunity to read everyone's very important messages.

To all our friends in Taiwan, Reiri, Chiunger & Pierre, and others, I understand you also have been dodging some serious rain drops. Hope all is well in your region!!...


Lone meinte am 15.09.2008 19:32

I hope that you and all our other Knut-friends are okay and that Ike is gentle to you!

Gitta und Dusty meinte am 15.09.2008 19:37

... Ich habe gerade wieder mit Entsetzen die Bilder aus Galveston gesehen. Da fält mir wieder dieser Poesiespruch ein:

Ich weinte, als ich meine Schuhe verlor.
Da traf ich einen Menschen, der hatte keine Füße!

Also, lasst uns nicht über Kinkerlitzchen stöhnen.

Tish meinte am 16.09.2008 10:52

Hallo Friends --

According to news of this evening, it is not good for people who dwell on Galveston Island or in area. Authorities are disallowing ingress to homes, maybe even for another week, in light of fact that there is no electricity, food, water. Not to go into panic mode again, but it is reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina from 3 years ago. One estimate placed the number of non-connected power subscribers at 38,000,000, hard to believe, but more than the southern coasts of Texas are involved. Aerial view shows damage that will have to built from the ground up. It is sooo sad. Of course, the gov't. (FEMA) stepping in or not stepping in, however one chooses to view, and trying to assess needs, to begin helping as it did during the Katrina rebuilding. Suffice it to say these peoples' lives are going to be changed in a big way. It is no small secret that Americans are used to getting and having what they need when and where they need it. Not the same here. I don't live anywhere near what took place, but the endless pictures of devastation show that people will be displaced for some time to come.

On another note, it looks as if American stock market was struck by Hurricane Ike, although for months investors both overseas and local were aware of the pending fall of Lehman Brothers, resounding in markets across the globe, leaving Americans in the clutch of the sub-prime mortgage loan crisis to wonder what next. Who all else is kneeling at the altar of demise? What other bad news is there?

This evening I have been plugged into a tune which has no video. It doesn't matter, this song speaks volumes, "Time Is Tight:"

To Eva Gregory -- I hope you're safe out there somewhere with something to come home to, not as many news-featured people who have absolutely nothing.

Mervi meinte am 16.09.2008 11:54

@ Tish

Thank you for the information about the situation in Texas and especially in Galveston. I’ve tried to get in touch with Eva G but of course, when the electricity is gone, it’s impossible. I truly hope she and the pets are alright.

LUISA (Brasil) meinte am 16.09.2008 12:07

Good morning Knutians and dear Knut

TISH - The images do be terrible and I imagine these people has its lives of point head in the moment. Happily we had news of Kepi and her it is well, Houston already has again electricity and telephone. Eva evacuated to the daughter's house in Spring and we didn't still get any news. If you have as knowing as it is Spring please tells me. I have thoughts and prayers for Eva, its family and the pets. BH

Simba (rot/braunes Fell,das in der Sonne leuchtet) meinte am 16.09.2008 15:58

@Tish /all
Are there news of Eva? Do they have already power in Galveston?

How are you doing?

PS: I just see that Tish has given some infos about the situation after Ike...thanks

Doro II meinte am 16.09.2008 16:20

@ Eva Gregory and Rosemary and everybody who's hurting:

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Thinking of you.
Hugs, Doro

Dumba meinte am 16.09.2008 19:31
@ Eva Gregory
Strange thing, that we can keep unaffected, when disasters happen in the world but it’s just a different thing, if one knows somebody of the area concerned. Eva, I think a lot of you and your beloved doggies and hope so much, you are at least safe at the moment. You certainly will have to cope with a lot of unpleasant things, when you will be able to return to your home in Galveston. I hope so very much for you, you will find the most important things to you ‘untouched’ there. What a misery to possibly having lost all memories like books, pictures etc. not to speak about real values as total houses and gardens and cars etc.
I, and I think, I can also say WE think of you! Email us if there is something we can do for you.

Barbara L. meinte am 17.09.2008 19:44 Permalink

Texas nach "Ike" - Mittwoch, 17. September 2008 - Von Ulli Kulke

Aus der Berliner Morgenpost

"Und plötzlich stand da ein Löwe in der Tür"
Und siehe, als der Tag kam, waren noch alle am Leben – eine geradezu biblische Geschichte hat sich in Texas ereignet. Aus Angst vor dem Hurrikan "Ike" hatten sich Menschen in eine Kirche geflüchtet und dort geschlafen. Neben ihnen schlummerte eine gefährliche Raubkatze friedlich vor sich hin.
Wieder fand ein biblisches Wunder seine weltliche Bestätigung. Vor neuntausend Jahren soll sie geschehen sein, die große Sintflut. Wir fanden es immer unglaublich, was uns das Alte Testament darüber berichtete; dass damals, an Bord von Noahs heiliger Arche, auf der Flucht vor den Wassermassen, zwischen allen Kreaturen Friede herrschte. Auch zwischen Mensch und Löwe, auf engstem Raum. Nun aber wissen wir: So etwas klappt tatsächlich.
Und siehe, als der Tag kam, waren noch alle am Leben – so könnte man die Geschichte dieses Mal für spätere Zeiten überliefern.
Als am Samstag der Hurrikan Ike die texanische Halbinsel Bolivar überschwemmte, stand das Wasser wieder hoch. Die begehbare Welt war nur noch ein Kirchlein, auf einem Hügel gelegen. Die Anwohner flüchteten sich hinein, mit Schlafsäcken. Und dann war plötzlich der Löwe da, spät abends; ein ausgewachsenes Tier, aus dem örtlichen Zoo.
Sein Besitzer hatte ihn noch im Lkw landeinwärts in Sicherheit bringen wollen, doch alle Straßen waren überflutet. Seit an Seit kamen sie durch die Kirchentür. „Eine Gruppe Anwohner half dem Löwen, als er zum Gotteshaus hinaufwatete“, wusste eine Nachrichtenagentur zu berichten. Der Löwe sei „lammfromm“ gewesen, erzählten Augenzeugen.
„Wenn er schwimmen muss, denkt er nicht daran, jemand aufzufressen“, sagte sein Besitzer. Alle schliefen in der Nacht, Mensch und Großkatze, zwischen Altar und Betgestühl.
War es die Flut, der volle Magen, die geweihte Stätte? Oder intuitiv die gebotene Ehrfurcht? „Zweimal“, zitiert Alfred Brehm eine Weisheit aus dem Morgenland, „weicht jeder Löwe dem Manne aus, weil er weiß, dass dieser das Ebenbild Gottes ist, den auch er, als ein gerechtes Thier, in Demuth anerkennt.
Frevelt jedoch der Mensch gegen die Gebote des Erhaltenden, welche bestimmen, dass niemand sein Leben tollkühn wage, und geht er dem Löwen zum dritten Male entgegen, so muss er sein Leben lassen.“

Gruß, Barbara L.

(This is an Ike related story about a lion of a zoo who found himself taking resue in a church..)

Tish meinte am 19.09.2008 10:39
Hallo Friends --

Thanks to all who commented on my last post. Unfortunately, the news we in California see and hear of the affected areas is not good, and as reported earlier, it will take some time before power and services are restored, if there is anything remaining to which to make restoration. I have some emails in to Eva Gregory, but have not heard from her yet. Perhaps she has contacted others, and you will let me know? Here are some photos from disaster meted out by Ike:

Mervi meinte am 19.09.2008 11:48
@ Tish

What terrible damage this mean Ike has caused! I was touched by the photo of a police officer feeding an abondened cat. I wish all the pets left behind, including the beautiful dog in the photo, will have their people back soon! I’ve sent email to Eva (to her daughter’s address) but haven’t received any answer yet. I’ll try again today.

Retta meinte am 20.09.2008 22:35

It is good to be back on the blog, if only for a minuite, and if only as a messenger! Eva Gregory managed to telephone me from her daughter's home north of Houston, Texas. Eva asked me to post on the blog to all of you that she is alive and safe, along with her grandson, Mitchell, and dogs Wolfgang and Jabber. Thank God for that! Eva has apparently lost everything. So far, residents have not been permitted to return to Galveston to determine the level of their damages, and the apartment management has not been reachable by telephone. So, Eva is in the dark about whether she will have a home to return to, and whether any of her possessions will be usable. Eva thinks it may be another month until she can go to Galveston to see what is left.
Right now, at her daughter's home, all utilities are out, and she does not have access to a computer. If you would like to email her, you can send your emails to me at, and I will copy them and send them to Eva via snailmail.

I know you all join me in tremendous regret that Eva has experienced this terrible and frightening happening. While she has had some downs, she sounded well....and ready to begin the work to rebuild her life. She is a fighter....she will survive this and overcome it. I am sure she would appreciate any messages you may want to send her...hearing from friends, especially Knutian friends, sure helps to make tough times a little easier.

My sister has had her cancer surgery and we are still waiting for lab results concerning her lymph nodes....hopefully Monday. My son will have cancer surgery on October 8.

I miss our Knuti sooo much....and I miss all my Knutian friends sooo much, but there is just no time to be present here. Maybe soon! In the meantime, I love you, Knuti, and love and many Knuti hugs to everyone on the blog.
Annemarie meinte am 20.09.2008 23:33 Permalink
@ Retta
Thank you that you informed us about Eva. It is so good to hear that she is a fighter and will survive this terrible catastrophe. For you, dear Retta, and your family my best wishes and greetings.


Sarah - London meinte am 21.09.2008 00:09

Dear Retta

Thank you for passing on the information about Eva - if you talk to her again please pass on my best wishes.

Also - you are in my thoughts - strength to you and your family at this time.

Best - Sarah x

Mervi meinte am 21.09.2008 00:26
@ Retta

You are one in a million! Thank you so much for informing us about Eva. I sent email to you and to her so I don't write so much here. I wish you strength to cope with all the sad things that have happened to your family!

Hugs from Mervi

Gitta und Dusty meinte am 21.09.2008 09:00

Liebe KnutFREUNDE!!!

I had a dream!

Wir geben so viel Geld für Flüssiges und Überflüssiges aus, und im Moment ist unsere Knutfreundin Eva durch höhere Gewalt unverschuldet in große Not geraten!

Wie wäre es, wenn jeder von uns in seinem Freundes- und Familienkreis und bei seinen Arbeitskollegen etwas Geld sammeln würde.
Man spendet so viel und weiß so selten, ob es an die richtige Adresse gelangt.

Vielleicht könnte jemand, der Ahnung von so etwas hat, ein Konto einrichten, auf das wir das Geld überweisen könnten.
Ich erkläre mich bereit, zusätzlich am 5.12.beim Treffen der Knutianer durch die Reihen zu gehen.

Es wäre doch ein tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk für Eva. Ich bin überzeugt davon, sie würde uns nie darum bitten.

Wie ist eure Meinung?

Wer weiß, wie man so etwas angeht? Ist das überhaupt realisierbar?

@ Retta

Thank you so much for your information about Eva.
I hope the very best for your family.

Doro II meinte am 21.09.2008 10:50

Knuten Morgen / Good morning!

@ Retta:
You're a true messenger angel! Thanks for letting us know about Eva and her loved ones. I'm sure that she's a fighter (a "tough broad" as she herself once said). I wish her a lot of extra strength to survive these hard times and hope that she'll still have something to come home to. Tell her that she's very dear to us.
And you too, dear Retta. All the best for you and your family. And do write whenever you can.
Hugs from Doro

Teddybärenmutti meinte am 21.09.2008 10:56

Knuten Morgen Knut!
Ein neues Spielzeug. Dies ist ja etwas. Drei Bällen zusammen. Oooh und noch ein Fussball.
Ich weiss, dass Du sehr herzlicher Bär bist. Ich bitte um. Willst Du Deine persönliche gruesse an Eva und Retta schicken. Sie beide haben gerade so viel Sorgen.

Thanks a lot of information of Eva. My special greetings to Eva!
I¨m thinking you. So much worries.

Yeoman meinte am 21.09.2008 14:00

Einen schönen Sonntag, liebe Knutianer!

@ Gitta und Dusty

Eben habe ich gelesen und zu verstehen versucht, was mit Eva ist.
Gern würde ich sie auch unterstützen. Aber kann mir evtl. jemand sagen, was genau passiert ist.
Leider ist mein passiver Sprachschatz in Englisch nicht so besonders ausgeprägt. Und was das aktive Sprechen angeht, so habe ich eine eigenwillige Grammatik. Statt "Englisch" ist "Yeolisch" angebrachter...
Also, kann mir bitte jemand ungefähr sagen, was Eva zugestoßen ist? Vielen Dank!

Doro II meinte am 21.09.2008 14:50
@ Yeoman:
Liebe Yeo, ich antworte dir jetzt mal auf deine Frage an Gitta und Dusty. Eva Gregory lebt im texanischen Galveston, wo der Hurrikan Ike gewütet hat. Sie ist in letzter Minute noch zu ihrer Tochter etwas außerhalb geflohen. Sie, ihre Familie und ihre Hunden sind in Sicherheit, aber wie Retta sagte, wird es wohl noch einen Monat dauern, bis sie wieder zurück kann. Das Gebiet ist verwüstet, und es sieht so aus, als hätte Eva alles verloren. Soweit ich weiß, wohnt sie ganz nah an der Küste. Es ist den Bewohnern nicht erlaubt, nach Galveston zurückzukehren, um den Schaden abzuschätzen, und die Direktion ihres Wohnblocks ist telefonisch nicht erreichbar. Wie gesagt, es ist gut möglich, dass sie kein Zuhause mehr hat.
Daher die Idee von Gitta, für sie zu sammeln. Ist doch prima, oder? Knutianer helfen Knutianern, und so soll es auch sein.

Here it stops so far,I will add others coming in too. I hope I have not forgotten somebody, I am pretty sure I must have missed an entry of Viktor as I recall one. There were others in the HArtmuth forum as well...I will add them too the moment I have retraced them...

Bear hugs from the Indian Ocean and thanks a lot Retta to act as the messenger although you have a ot on your mind yourself.
We blow kisses to you and your family too

Simba and MAmi Simba