Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Rätsel am Sonntag....Sunday's Polar Bear Quiz...

Heute ist Sonntag und am Sonntag spielt man immer, so war es jedenfalls bei uns früher (wenn auch nicht immer). Also Zeit für ein kleines Rätsel. Kleine Hilfe: Es handelt sich um Zehnägel, wir wollen bloß wissen zu wem sie gehören...Einfach, oder???-

Also wir warten auf die Lösung in den Kommentaren, Einsendeschluss ist kommenden Mittwoch, am Donnerstag gibt es dann die Auflösung...Viel Glück!!!-
Today it's Sunday, traditionally a time to play, at least we did that often during my childhood. So I thought time for a little quiz today...To make it easier, I give you already a hint, these are toe nails, I only want to know who belongs to them...easy, isn't it????

So speed up and send in your guesses (within the comments), dead line: next Wednesday, on Thursday we will disclose the secret...Good luck!!!


Betsy hat gesagt…

I will guess Knut because he is the most photographed and also his fans seem to want to photograph every single body part UP CLOSE. Can you blame them? Perhaps I am wrong but that is my entry into the contest: Knut.
What will I win?

Birgit Rudolph/Dirk Krehl hat gesagt…

Good question ,Betsy!
I will think about it...Thanks for opening the contest