Freitag, 6. November 2009

35 Monatskratzen, eine kleine Wölfin und Schnee von vorgestern ...

Heute kommt zur Abwechslung auch mal wieder ein Spaziergang im Zoo, und ich komm drin vor, es war am Donnerstag...-
Today just for a change a little zoo report from one of my faithful friends, it was on Thursday and this time it's about me...Übrigens einen Tag nach dem ersten Schnee in Bärlin...-
By the way one day after the first snow in Bearlin... Sie wundern sich, was ich hier so dezent betreibe..? -
What I am doing here...?
Nun ja, an meinem 35 Monatsgeburtstag werde ich mich ja wohl noch ein wenig kratzen dürfen...-
Just a little 35 months birthday scratching might be allowed, don't you think?

But now the report...

"As the lazy person I am (not always but quite often), I missed to start immediately the sunny part of the day outside, and only arrived at Zoo Berlin when clouds had again taken over. Anyway, I spent some quality time there! First I experienced Knuti very relaxed with his cutest face at the left side of his enclosure – butt nearly over the moat. Giovanna was under the triangle-tree, and so they were far enough from each other to obviously feel well and cosy. Only when the slider opened, Giovanna moved and went inside ‘like a bat out of hell’. Knuti rose slowly, anyway, he tried to slip in right after Giovanna. Too late! So he moved a little aimless, then he scent very carefully the place where Giovanna lay before, and only after this he moved to the tree at the right hand side in order to start his ‘prior to feeding time “run” ‘. There were not too many people but it was a kind atmosphere around. Everybody enjoyed Knutis feeding, certainly he himself the most ;-) In the end of the feeding we could enjoy in addition the usual Giovanna-Knuti game with the pumpkin. They shared it nearly fair-mindedly, which was not quite sure whether by co-incidence or on purpose. It’s too cute to see Giovanna hopping up the rocks. As Knuti made no moves to play or interact in another way with Giovanna, she lay again down under the triangle-tree. (OK, not the whole time...)

Knuti stayed down in the little pool’s area and tried to get some things out of the moat...

Knut: "Ooops, this is not me although it could have been me..."

...which he obviously could smell from the ground, in slapping his paws into the water,
making swim-movements and in the meantime nodding determinedly with his head :-) After having done this for a while, he finally decided to go into the water and finally he made appear ........ a carrot! What a success! (sorry, Knuti, I don’t want to make fun of you but I had to laugh). All of a sudden he got an impetus of energy and swam and dived around as in spring time (somebody supposed he might have got his ‘deworm cure’, and therefore seemed to be so very tired for some days..?): he made the dolphin style swimming, sprang for the leaves at his enclosure, dived up a ball and the Aussie-toy, and played cheerfully on his own in the right hand side of the enclosure. It was mere pleasure. I think a lot of people stayed much longer than they had planned before at Knuti’s/Giovanna’s. (....)
At the wolves’ enclosure I saw first the adult wolves, Pelle and Falco, laying far from one another (Falco’s eye seemed to me to be a little better!),... ...and one of the little female wolves walked around in the enclosure ...– ...under observation of Pelle, who always had an eye on her once in a while, Falco seemed not to dare to do the same but is obviously also interested in the sweet child.... I asked another Knuti-friend whether she knew what’s about the second female wolf but she didn’t know either but was quite sure she is still somewhere in the dens. They were fed later by the young keeper and his even younger female keeper colleague. Hare or rabbit was on the menu, one for each, Pelle and Falco, and some other kind of meat was put down for the youngster, who unfortunately obviously didn’t dare to eat. Both of the adult ones didn’t eat up their rabbits. One time it seemed as if Pelle peed on Falco’s prey or at least it was in its neighbourhood – oh, oh, Pelle! When I came back to the bears’ rock, Knuti was already alone, and quite early the cage gate was opened and he ran in but came out already two minutes later. He must have gobbled extremely today! Some seconds later he went back into the cage, and came out again. He tapped two times from hind paws to front paws, which looked very funny, and then disappeared again. The slider remained opened so one could see that somebody played with Knuti through the bars towards the bears’ court..."

Thousand thanks to the lady who sent me her report just for the fun of it and thanks to all photograhers having made it possible to share the event...!

Photo credits: InaT (1,2,6,7,8), SylviaMickey (3,4) Monika (5,9,10,11,12,13,14) , ChristinaM wolves album 05.11.2009, Jessy (22)

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