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Highlands - Breeding Plans...

Erst wenige Wochen sind nach Mercedes Umzug ins Land gegangen, nun gibt es, nicht wirklich völlig überraschend, Presseveröffentlichungen über Absichten, doch Eisbären nachzuzüchten. Nicht mit Mercedes, denn sie gilt mit ihren 27 Jahren als zu alt, aber nach ihrem Tod...Ein Männchen soll her und nach Mercedes Tod ein Weibchen...Wer weiß, vielleicht schlägt Mercedes dem Zoo noch ein Schnippchen und lebt länger als die für sie noch 5 veranschlagten Jahre, speziell nachdem ihre Lebensbedingungen sich so verbessert haben. Dass Eisbären auch mehr als 40 Jahre alt werden können, wie es uns u.a. Debby mit ihren fast 43 Jahren gezeigt hat, scheint nicht in Erwägung gezogen worden zu sein...Hmm, und wieviele Eingaben wohl schon vorliegen für den männlichen Kandidaten...?-Just a few weeks after Mercedes' relocation and the first press releases are showing up about the zoo's breeding plans in the Highlands...Well noted, not with Mercedes as she is considered as too old for breeding now but after her death... which is to happen within the next 5 years due to the zoo...And then a new female should be brought in...Just for the records in case the zoo ignores, polar bears can live up to more than 40 years as we were shown by Debby...maybe Mercedes will make it even longer, especially now after her enclosure conditions have improved so much...And I wonder how many applications have already been submitted for the male polar bear...

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Edinburgh 10/11/2009 01:59:23
I am a member of the RZSS. I made up my mind many years ago that it was not right to keep a Polar Bear in the limited space available in Edinburgh Zoo. However, I'd accept that they should keep Mercedes in as good conditions as they could.

The new space in the Highland Wildlife Park is better than the Zoo but still not good enough. If they continue with this plan then they cannot count on my support. Let them shut down Edinburgh Zoo, move to Glasgow, or just shut down for good.

Unimpressed one,
10/11/2009 07:59:42
I have to side with Ross Minnett on this one. Here's the zoo now using the excuse of 'climate change' as a justification for breeding a non-threatened animal. The experts in polar bear population numbers maintain that the species is under no threat whatsoever in its natural habitat. so here we have the zoo ignoring real facts and latching onto Sun science.

In reality, the zoo just wants the kudos of keeping these magnificent animals and their obvious popularity with the public. How long before all zoos use this excuse to increase their stock of inmates? If the zoo was really interested in preserving truly endangered species, it would concentrate on many other less high profiles types but not so obvious crowd pullers. I have to side with Ross Minnett on this one.

Diane Brown,
Canada 21/11/2009 22:42:20
Indeed polar bears are seriously threatened by a shrinking habitat. Their numbers are decreasing and with the Arctic sea ice disappearing, their natural habitat is diminishing. Today's schoolchildren could well see the bears become extinct in their lifetime. Admittedly captive bears are not the same as wild bears, but is it not better to make efforts now to preserve the species, rather than lose all the bears forever? At some point reintroduction of captive bears to an Arctic environment could be considered, but if the species becomes extinct, all opportunity is lost.

Scotland, as well as Canada, is fortunate to have a climate that suits polar bears. I'm pleased to see Mercedes so obviously happy in her retirement years. If the enclosure she is now enjoying could be used to house other captive bears, then I think it would be a good -- if the not the ideal -- strategy. We can't fix this mess in our lifetimes, but at least we can make an effort in a positive direction.

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