Sonntag, 8. März 2009

Mein 27Monatsgeburtstag...My 27months birthday

Dear Mami Simba,
I missed you and my Outpost on my 27months birthday. It was only after I received your cloudmessage , that I knew that you must have been in some serious Internet trouble, so I will step in and tell you myself. How else will you know what really happened on that day, which, by the way, was a very special day.

This time the bowling business took place the night before. The reason for it was a special treat, which had to be eaten urgently as the wolves had kept it for this event just in the natural fridge the week before. Fortunately it was still eatable, although Bernie was not so sure about it, he kept grinning at me sceptically, telling me all the time, I would probably need a couch afterwards as this kind of food sometimes makes someone even too tired to leave a moat for some days...But this is another story. It's true, I was a bit tired first in the morning but probably not because of the rabbit or of the bowling (to be honest- as the boss of the wolves is more or less blind now, we often do something else...) but of the video- and slideshow watching. From time to time we just have to do that as it is fun to watch the birthday gifts or what I did on my special days. The music is always good too, and so we watched one of the films almost 10 times, much to the liking not only of the boss.
If you have mised the video in June, just have a look now.
ChristinaM made it for me!

With this song in my mind, I was sure I would have a good day. That it got special had more than one reason, the most important one, was Oma Dörflein. As Oma Lisa is still off abroad to find a girl for me, ( although she seems to find only old widows), it was her turn to visit me. And..., she asked me to play some ball with her. Jeez..., she asked me!!! Can you believe that? Anyway, I won't tell you more. We had fun and I really, really like her smell!
So, Mami Simba, but now it's your turn , I can't do all the work for you!

Your friend Knut

And you missed the birthday of Hartmuth on March 4....As he is always so nice, he will probably not be cross with you, but you never know...You should send him quickly some belated birthday wishes...And don't forget the ladies! It's again their turn now...International Women's Day, just for the record!

Photo credits: PetraW (Oma Dörflein) , Nene(Wolf& rabbit and Bernie), Viktor (Ladies on strike)
Slideshow link & credits: 2years birthday gifts caught by : Frans
Video credits: ChristinaM

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