Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Danish off-spring and a webcam....

This is a webcam screenshot of a little polar bear cub, born in Aalborg/Denmark on December 7. Mother is Victoria and although she is such a heavy bear, she makes people really weak when watching, how carefully she treats her little one in the birth den of the zoo. We all wish that she will not be disturbed, and that the cub will survive. Remember: the new born twins (Nov 26) of Vera, Flocke's mother died recently in Nuremberg, 50 % of all cubs don't survive. So, keep it up, Victoria and good luck to you both from this side of the world!

Screenshot: Bauz - Danke!!!

Christina M hat gleich ein ganzes Album angelegt mit screenshots von den beiden...!
Note: Thanks to ChristinaM- there is a whole album with screeenshots here....!

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