Samstag, 11. April 2009

Der Mexikanische Wolf...The Mexican Wolf... immer noch vom Aussterben bedroht... Es gibt nur 52 dieser wunderschönen Tiere, eine Unterart des amerikanischen Gray Wolf...- still endangered. Just 52 animals are found today of this sub species of the American Gray Wolf...

Thanks for sharing the video, Dostoy!

Photo credits: Ji Scarff


GiselaH hat gesagt…

Hallo Birgit,

hoffentlich können diese wunderschönen Tiere überleben.
52 Exemplare, das ist sehr, sehr wenig.
Wenn ich Wölfe sehe, muss ich immer an meinen Filou denken....

viele Grüße GiselaH

Simba hat gesagt…

Gerade gefunden, eine Meldung von 2005 zwar unter

Mexican Wolf SSP Successes

While this report points to some of the challenges of successfully introducing the endangered Mexican gray wolf to the wild, there has been good, fairly recent success in breeding through American Zoo and Aquarium (AZA) Species Survival Plans (SSPs).

"Of five recommended captive Mexican wolf pairings in the Mexican wolf Species Survival Program, all produced litters. The litters are large; with 12 (nine surviving) and eight at the Wild Canid Center in Eureka, Missouri; 10 at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio; six at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and eight at the Stone Memorial Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. In addition, three Mexican wolves were artificially inseminated (AI) and all three resulted in pregnancy. One pregnant AI female died during parturition. The other two AI females produced litters of three and six (five surviving). This represents a total of 53 pups born in captivity in 2005, of which 49 are currently surviving. The addition of these pups brings the captive population to over 300 wolves. These pups are part of the captive breeding program, and are not intended for release to the wild," The Wolf Portal offers.