Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Flocke's 3rd birthday....For the first time celebrated in Antibes

Flocke turned 3 on 10 December and it was celebrated for the first time in Antibes. Monika K was there and you can read all about the event in KWM, there are many more beautiful pics showing Lady Flocke and Rasputin who are back together as you can see here. The photo in the pool is priceless....! Rasputin is such a sweet boy!!!

So let's say it in French today....Bonne Anniversaire, Flocke!!!!

Source & photo credits:
- A birthday week-end in Antibes/Monika K on KWM (dt., engl.)

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Diane hat gesagt…

I'm told that Flocke seems happy in her new home. It's great that she's had Rasputin at her side all along. Too bad Knut didn't get to keep Gianna; that made me sad.